Yes No Three-dimensional retro coin

Theme:Yes No. Style:Commemorative Coin/Souvenir ( Non – circulating currency ). Material:Ancient bronze. Design:Round Double Sides. Size:40mm*3mm. Coin Weight;About 29g. Condition:Brand New and 100% High Quality. Packing:1Pcs With Acrylic Protection Box+Sealing Bag.


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Theme: Yes No.
Style: Commemorative Coin/Souvenir ( Non – circulating currency ).
Material: Ancient bronze
Design: Round Double Sides
Coin Weight: Approx 29g
Condition: Brand New and 100% High Quality
Packing: 1 Pcs With Acrylic Protection Box+Sealing Bag.
Theme: Pyramid – Masonic – Illuminati
Material: Metal
Other: A brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of god
Related Topics: Freemasonry masonic coin
Size: 40 x 3mm
Designs: 3D
Shipping: Free shipping worldwide
Material: Iron with gold plated



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Diameter: 40mm
Thickness: 3mm